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Sundae Driver πŸ¨πŸš—


$30 per 3.5g
$50per 7g
$95per 14g
$175per 28g
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The Sundae Driver strain earns its name from its distinct and exotic flavour profile. There’s nothing else out there that quite like it. Famous for its unique sweet and smooth taste, the Sundae Driver strain exudes notes of ripe cherry, fruity pebbles, and chocolate. You get to really appreciate the flavours on exhale with even more intensified notes of fruity pebbles, apricot, and undertones of Kush.

Sundae Driver offers a mellow, relaxing high. Notice the stressors of daily life melting away with each fruity inhale. Be taken to a calmer, happier place as cerebral relaxation takes hold. This delicious strain has a vibrant green colour. Covered with sticky white trichomes, the sundae driver strain appears to be covered in a layer of frost. It can even have hues of various colours such as reds, purples and blues, a clear sign of its genetic inheritance from Grape Pie and Granddaddy Purple.

This is the perfect strain for beginner and veteran Cannabis connoisseurs alike as it is calm, mellow effects uplift without any feelings of drowsiness or sedation. Perfect for those who want to enjoy fruity dessert-like flavours on a nice, relaxing day at the beach. Or when having fun, enjoying the company of friends and family. Just be careful not to consume too much as it can give users a feeling of paranoia. Not recommended for those with anxiety issues.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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